Team fortress arcade

Heavily influenced by classic s arcade games, team fortress allows to play as one of many. Team fortress arcade is a retro style 2d action game, directly inspired by the. Dec 21,  · team fortress arcade as you guessed it is team fortress 2 in a beat em up 90's arcade style, i just tried it and have to say it's pretty fun. You play as one of the nine tf2 classes, rendered in adorable 2d sprite form. Team fortress arcade is a side scrolling arcade style beat em' up.

Team fortress arcade basic information developer: eric ruth publisher: eric ruth games distributor: eric ruth engine: game maker 8 pro designer(s).

Team fortress arcade is a lovingly created video game mash-up between valve's team fortress 2 franchise, and the almost forgotten side scrolling beat-em-up genre. Team fortress arcade latest version: a 2d retro homage to valve's team fortress.

Team fortress arcade recreates team fortress 2 as an old-school scrolling arcade shooter. Team fortress arcade is a fan-made video game demake of team fortress 2 created by eric ruth in the style of a classic arcade beat 'em up, complete .

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